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June 09,2009
  COMPUTEX Taipei 2009, Browan successfully performed the expo with various solutions of communication

At COMPUTEX Taipei 2009, BROWAN presented the newest WiMAX 802.16d and VoIP products with various integrated communication solutions. BROWAN delivers the emergency system with WiMAX, IP camera and VoIP; the advantages of WiMAX on data transmission are utilized, IP camera has the ability to transfer digital images, also voice communication is enabled by VoIP device. This emergency system can be used in the environment with geographical limitation, and also can be activated as backup solution when failure occurs in the network infrastructure.

With Web Call technology, which is one of FreePP VoIP services, the communication can be easily and securely established. And for the worldwide enterprises, by Web conference room and Web phone book features, the communication between the offices all over the world can be made easier than ever.

BROWAN gladly welcomed all visitors to the booth at COMPUTEX Taipei 2009. BROWAN is looking forward to having chances to satisfy the market with the more and better integrated communication solutions in the close future.

BROWAN aims for right-time delivery of products and services to customers through comprehensive system planning and world-class manufacturing support. To win the customers¡¦ satisfaction and confidence in global market, BROWAN provides superior and efficient service, followed by high quality products, and supported by professional people.