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  • Fat AP or Thin AP (optional) configuration
  • support DMS server for auto-configuration
  • Two radios, supporting 802.11g/b /n+ 802.11a/n
  • Support Thin-AP(CAPWAP protocol) or TR069
  • Support WAPI and WPA/WPA2
  • Support up to 16 BSSID per Radio - "Virtual AP"
  • Anti-Interference with Dynamic Channel Allocation (DCA)
  • Hidden SSID for blocking illegal access
  • Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) with 64 or 128bits key
  • Supports 802.1x authentication using EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS,PEAP, and SIM
  • ACL: MAC Access Control, Session Control, Nat/Pat
  • QoS : ToS, DSCP
  • Layer 2 Isolation prevents wireless clients from communicating with each other
  • DHCP: server, client and relay
  • Support up to 16 VLAN ID per Radio
  • RADIUS authentication and Proxy Server (RFC 2865, 2058 )
  • Support WISPr
  • Backup/restore configuration settings
  • System Log, Save/Send System Log to remote log server with different log levels
  • Remote secure management by HTTPS,SNMP,TR069

Flexibility and high performance
BW1254 is a high-performance and feature-rich indoor access point. It provides high quality connectivity for Wi-Fi network with providing high receiver sensitivity, high output power, and high performance to maximize its coverage for deploying wireless hotspot network. Cooperating with BROWAN wireless access controller and DMS system it can be centralize management,monitor, auto-provision and auto-configuration acting as Thin-Client access point or a full function standalone access point.

  • Simultaneously supports 802.11b/g/n and 802.11a/n standard.
  • Mix of AP,AP router and bridge configuration:working simultaneously,blanketing last miles with high-speed data rate.
  • Wireless AP router mode:Static route table, NAT, Different IPsubnet per BSSID, Enable/Disable DHCP server.
  • Dual AP/AP router configuration: for high client densityenvironment.
  • Dual bridge(repeater) configuration: serves to extend the transmission range of wireless bridging and backhaul services.

Secure and reliable wireless networking
BW1254 meets standard industry security requirement of wide area networking professionals for secured wireless network:

  • Supports VLAN, up to 16 VLAN ID per radio
  • IEEE802.1x/EAP with password, certificates and SIM card
  • 64bits/128bits static and dynamic WEP encryption
  • Supports Wi-Fi Protected Access(WPA/WPA2) with AES and TKIP
  • Layer 2 isolation for preventing snooping on the same BSS
  • MAC address filtering(ACL) for preventing attack from internet
  • Hidden SSID broadcast to prevent illegal users connection
  • Built-in web login authentication(UAM)

Strong Anti-interference
Dynamic Channel Allocation(DCA) solution automatically selects optimal operational frequency channel during power up and periodically monitors the environment and adjusts for the best operational channel. It enhances the BW1254 performance and provide continuous coverage under high AP density wireless network environment.

Quick Installation and Deployment
BW1254 can be powered on by connecting to either power adapter or an integrated IEEE802.3at PoE supplying effortless installation in various environment at a reduced cost. With Thin AP function, the user just connect and power on the device and everything works.

Multiple BSSID "Virtual AP" Technology
BW1254 supports up to 16 BSSID per radio and each BSSID can be configured independently to support various security policies,authentication model,RADIUS servers and VLAN IDs. Each BSSID also can be set with different priority, based on 802.1p tag or 802.11e EDCA which enables QoS capability of wireless link between client device and access point.

Easy and Secure Remote Management
BW1254 supports secure remote management through HTTPs,CLISH,SNMP and BROWAN DMS management.

  • BROWAN DMS management(support TR-069)
  • Secure management via HTTPs,CLISH,SNMP
  • Detailed client survey and site survey
  • Remote firmware upgrade via WEB UI
  • Backup/Restore configuration file
  • Simple Network Management Protocol(SNMP V1,V2)